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Fractions of a Moment
Ambient/Neo-classical EP (Spring 2021)

“Ranges from subtle to cinematic (…) perfect for headphone listening” - Rolling Stone India

“A relaxing, beautiful electronically-tingled neoclassical record that lulls the listener in a blanket of comfort and solace” - WherePostRockDwells

“Conceptually deep and intriguing, the young French-American artist shows a musical maturity that is quite remarkable” - Mister Mime


scaled down artwork000-min.png

This is a personal project developed during the better part of 2020 amidst the various lockdowns hitting France and Spain. This time period was marked by a significant rise in anxiety for many people, and “Fractions” was in part conceived as to reflect upon this feeling and possibly offer a moment of solace.


With that in mind, most of the tracks within this EP are slow paced, drone-like, with little harmonic and rhythmic movement, and set within a binaural landscape. 

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